Security Information

Our employees are the eyes and ears of the Security Department, and together we can make our facilities a secure environment. Please remember, the easiest way to prevent crime is to avoid it. Help us help you by making a conscientious effort to practice these crime prevention tips, and by notifying security promptly at 601-703-4239.

Start doing your part today by implementing the following crime prevention strategies...

Inside RUSH:

  • Report suspicious activity immediately to Security at 4239.
  • Wear your ID visibly displayed at all times. Replace it immediately if it is lost or stolen. Remember, Identification Badges assist us in determining who belongs in the facility and who does not. Individuals walking around without an ID should be everyone's concern. Do not allow anyone to gain access to a controlled area by granting unauthorized double entrance from your ID. Access is granted to certain areas based on security clearances.
  • Do not leave your personal valuables unsecured. If at all possible, do not bring large sums of money or credit cards into the Institutions. If this is necessary, keep them on your person at all times. Remind our patients and visitors to keep their property with them, or under the care of a family member, while in the Hospital.
  • All areas, including labs and offices, should be secured when unoccupied. Doors should never be left unlocked or propped open.
  • When removing property from the Hospital, have your supervisor notify Security. All packages, bags, boxes, etc. are subject to inspection by Security when leaving the Hospital.

Outside RUSH:

  • Do not leave anything that appears to be of value visibly displayed in your vehicle. If you have a vehicle anti-theft device such as "The Club" or a car alarm, use it.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings. If you are walking to your car, watch people as they approach you. If you feel uncomfortable, walk across the street. Try to walk in a confident, relaxed manner. Make brief eye contact when approaching strangers.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, seek help. Know the location of safe havens in your route of travel.
  • If you would like an escort to your vehicle, call security dispatch at 4239 and wait for the officer to arrive.