Maternity Visitation Policies

Rush Family Birth Center
At Rush, we want the arrival of your newborn to be an extra-special event. However, to ensure the safety and well-being of your baby during this exciting time, please take note of the following visitation policies:

  1. Fathers may visit at any time and may remain in the room with the baby. Fathers must follow strict handwashing procedures.
  2. After being screened for infectious diseases and instructed in handwashing techniques, visitors are permitted to visit mother and baby in the room. Only three (3) visitors are allowed in the room at any one time. If the baby's condition warrents, visitors may be restricted at any time.Visitors are reminded that new mothers need time for personal care, rest, and private visits for parents and the new baby.
  3. Sibling visitation is encouraged. Please make sure the general health of brothers and sisters is assessed for signs of illness before visiting the new baby.
  4. The nursery extensions are 9682 or 9683. Parents are encouraged to call for assistance.
  5. If for any reason a baby is unable to go to the mother's room, parents and grandparents may come into the nursery to visit after checking with the nursery nurse. They will be asked to gown and scrub their hands prior to visitation.

Newborn Intensive Care
Parents and grandparents of patients in the newborn intensive care unit are welcome to visit new babies. For safety reasons, no other family members or friends are allowed in the NICU. Visiting hours are open. You are asked, however, not to visit during nursing shift changes. Likewise, if a procedure for your baby is planned, you will be asked to step outside. Visitors may visit for up to 30 minutes at the beside without a break.