Senior Care - Intensive Outpatient Program

Senior CareIs there a senior person in your life dealing with anxiety, grief or depression? Rush Senior Care can help. For more information, call the number of the location closest to you listed below and ask to speak with the Assessment Nurse.

Senior Care is designed to meet the needs of older individuals experiencing significant changes in their sense of well-being.

Our Patients
Eligible clients usually have symptoms of depression and/or anxiety that are impacting their daily living.
The Rush Senior Care programs assist patients in maintaining their quality of life. Senior Care offers a unique treatment approach and is staffed by licensed clinical professionals.


  • Ages 55 and up
  • Able to participate in group activities
  • Experiencing difficulty with mood, behavior or thinking

Senior Care ServicesServices Available

  • Assessment and ongoing evaluation
  • Education
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Medication management
  • Transportation
  • Lunch provided

Senior Care GoalsProgram Goals

  • Provide a source of interaction with others experiencing similar problems
  • Assist clients in coping with recent changes in their life
  • Increase clients' self-awareness to help prevent symptoms from worsening

Program Staff

  • Psychiatrist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Medicare and private insurances are accepted.
Managing emotional problems shouldn’t create financial ones. That’s why it’s good to know that the Senior Care program can be paid through Medicare or most private insurance policies.

Senior Care Same GoalsOur goals are the same as yours.
The goals our patients and their loved ones hope to achieve are the same as our own:

  • to restore optimum mental health
  • to reduce or eliminate symptoms that interfere with the ability to function
  • to support the family unit
  • to maximize independence



Collinsville, MS (Laird Hospital)
Rush Medical Clinic/Collinsville
9101 Collinsville Road

Phone: 601-626-7407 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-626-8779

DeKalb, MS (John C. Stennis Memorial Hospital)
Rush Medical Clinic – DeKalb
14365 Highway 16 West

Phone: 769-486-1042
Fax: 769-486-1099

Forest, MS (Scott Regional Hospital)
Primary Healthcare
1080 Highway 35 South

Phone: 601-469-4990 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-469-4996

Meridian, MS (H.C. Watkins Memorial Hospital)
1100 17th Avenue

Phone: 601-703-1463 or 601-703-1464
Fax: 601-703-1461

(H.C. Watkins Memorial Hospital – Extension)
1100 17th Avenue

Phone: 601-703-4917 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-703-4628

Morton, MS (Scott Regional Hospital)
317 Highway 13 South

Phone: 601-732-7012 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-732-7013

Newton, MS (Laird Hospital)
Newton Family Medical Associates
252 Northside Drive

Phone: 601-683-6609 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-683-0152

Philadelphia, MS (Laird Hospital)
Rush Medical Clinic
1106 Central Drive

Phone: 601-656-1044 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-656-1083

Downtown Philadelphia (Laird Hospital)
481 Beacon Street, Suite 7

Phone: 601-656-8108 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-656-8180


Preston, MS (John C. Stennis Memorial Hospital)
5100 Highway 21 South

Phone: 601-677-2020 or 601-677-2030
Fax: 601-677-2040


Quitman, MS (H.C. Watkins Memorial Hospital)
605 South Archusa Avenue

Phone: 601-776-5055
Fax: 601-776-3858

(H.C. Watkins Memorial Hospital – Extension)
605 South Archusa Avenue

Phone: 601-776-7452
Fax: 601-776-7453

Sebastopol, MS (Laird Hospital)
32 Underwood Street, Suites D&E

Phone: 601-625-9742 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-625-9743

Union, MS
(Laird Hospital)

Located at Laird Hospital
25117 Highway 15

Phone: 601-774-5751 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-774-5750

(Laird Hospital – Extension)
Located at Laird Hospital
25117 Highway 15

Phone: 601-774-1542 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-774-5750

(Laird Hospital)
100 West Barfoot Street

Phone: 601-774-8218
Fax: 601-774-5153

Waynesboro, MS (H.C. Watkins Memorial Hospital)
5045 Highway 45

Phone: 601-735-5190
Fax: 601-671-3770

Butler, AL (Choctaw General Hospital)
401 Vanity Fair Lane

Phone: 205-459-9166
Fax: 205- 459-9168

Assessment Nurse

Phone: 601-774-1542 or 601-703-4917
Fax: 601-774-5750