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About Rush

About Us

"Rush has always been, and is still today, caring for people." You will see this carried through the generations.

Creed and Philosophy

I am my brother's keeper:

From the people, sick or injured, came money to build this institution. To the people, it is returned, in trust, to be nurtured by them, and by us, to assure future generations a haven in time of physical adversity. It shall be operated in perpetuity with no profit to any individual. All monies, whether gifts or profits, shall be used to improve the quality and scope of its service.

Its aim shall be ever to aid in the education of doctors and nurses; to encourage scientific research; to provide better care, not only for those of ample means, but to provide more and better care for those of limited means.

It shall further endeavor to increase the skill and learning of its technical staff to provide an ever increasing efficiency in the medical and surgical care of its patients; to encourage the doctors, nurses and technicians in their efforts by adequate remuneration, and time off from their labors for rest, relaxation and study.

We believe in the trait of human-kind which makes each man his brother's keeper: that the strong will care for the weak.

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Dr. H.L. Rush, Sr.
Dr. L.V. Rush, Sr. 1947

Rush "House Rules" (Values)

  1. Show respect — observe confidentiality and dignity;
  2. Address people by name — introduce yourself to those you are serving;
  3. Be sensitive to emotions — understand the needs of others;
  4. Be patient — forgive yourself and others;
  5. Help others;
  6. Practice telephone courtesy;
  7. Be prompt — effectively handle complaints;
  8. Be appreciative;
  9. Be professional — look your best; and
  10. Break the ice — smile and make eye contact.

Rush has both a legal and moral obligation to provide our patients a quality of medical and other professional care that is in keeping with recognized professional standards and delivered in a cost effective manner. In addition, a safe patient environment must be provided and maintained.

What does quality mean at Rush? Quality is continually improving our service to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our patients, physicians, employees and other customers that we serve.